Initial Appointment Policy

Terms and Conditions

By scheduling an appointment through the Family Dynamics Assistance Center website, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  1. To schedule an appointment through this website, a fee of $100 will be paid to FDAC and charged to your credit card.
  2. Appointments booked with the professional through this site will be subject to the professional’s usual and customary charges, against which the professional has agreed to give a $200 credit.
  3. If the professional customarily provides an initial consultation or any other services without charge, the $200 credit will be applied to the first services for which the professional charges.
  4. If you are unable to keep your initial appointment with the professional, arrange directly with the professional to reschedule an appointment. If the original appointment is not rescheduled in this manner, the $200 credit is forfeited unless the professional is unavailable to reschedule an appointment within 30 days of the originally scheduled appointment. In that event, you will be able to schedule an appointment with another professional in the same field, at no additional cost, and receive the $200 credit from the other professional. If no professional is available through this site in the same field as the original professional, you will receive a credit on your credit card of your $100 fee, unless the originally scheduled appointment was cancelled at your request.
  5. If the professional fails to keep or otherwise cancels an initial scheduled appointment, and cannot reschedule an appointment within 30 days of the originally scheduled appointment, your credit card will be credited with your $100 fee.
  6. A $100 fee is required to be paid to FDAC for each professional scheduled through this site.
  7. Under no circumstances will a Family Professional Fellow™ give a credit against initially charged fees to those who schedule initial appointments directly with the professional, rather than through this site.