LOS ANGELES, Nov. 3, 2015 PRNewswire — A new concept in assisting families in crisis to resolve their problems in a constructive manner through the assistance of experienced, well-recognized professionals who understand the nature of human conflict has been formed with the unveiling of the Family Dynamic Assistance Center (FDAC)– (www.FDA.Center)

Created by award-winning veteran mediators Mark Baer (http://www.markbaeresq.com) and Len Levy (http://lenlevymediate.com), the organization is dedicated to help families overcome conflict & improve family dynamics.

“To further its mission, FDAC has created a website designed to connect its eminent group of professionals, each designated as a Family Professional Fellow, with those in need of such assistance. Through the website, consumers are able to conduct dual searches based upon both the issue involved and type of professional desired.  In so doing, they will be able to locate the Family Professional Fellow with the unique skill set and approach needed to resolve their particular family issues, while working to improving or at least preserve their family dynamics,” said FDAC co-founder Mark Baer.

“Family Dynamics Assistance Center will give people access to those professionals who are committed to assisting families in crisis by resolving conflicts in a constructive manner. This is a unique opportunity for well-qualified professionals in a variety of fields to make a difference in the way family crises are resolved,” said FDAC co-founder Len Levy.

Both Baer and Levy feel that the public desperately needs and wants well-qualified and psychologically-minded professionals.  Since lawyers, mediators, mental health, financial, and other types of professionals are not currently being vetted and trained to meet this need, such professionals are extremely difficult to locate.  Recognizing this void exists, two Southern California attorney mediators decided to team up to make this happen.  As pioneers in creating this type of resource, the first of its kind, they are dedicated to helping families overcome conflict and improve their family dynamics.

To speak with Mark Baer or Len Levy, please contact Aurora Derose at: (310) 396-6090

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