General Policy Regarding Articles Posted on this Website
Articles which may be accessed through this website are:
1. Those posted directly on this site (“direct posts”); and
2. Those posted on other sites for which links are provided on this site (“linked posts”).

FDAC reserves the right, without notice, to refuse to post, or remove any direct post or linked post, or to remove the link to any website which, in the sole discretion of FDAC, is detrimental to the interests of FDAC, including but not limited to articles which contain libelous or defamatory statements, constitute any infringement of the copyright laws, violates the proprietary right, privacy or any other right of any third party, is contrary to the policies or business interests of FDAC, or in any way exposes FDAC or any of its members to claims of legal liability.

With respect to direct posts, or linked posts purporting to be authored by the person submitting the article for posting the following applies. By submitting the post or link, the individual doing so agrees to the following Warranty & Indemnity:

You warrant that each post or linked post:
a. is your sole and original work;
b. will not constitute any infringement of the copyright laws;
c. does not violate the proprietary right, privacy or any other right of any third party; and
d. may be posted and used on the FDAC website without violation of any other agreement by which you or the posted work may be bound.

You also agree to cooperate in the defense of any legal action that may be brought against us arising from the posting of any work. If you have breached any of the warranties set forth above, or if any claim is made that FDAC is liable, through any of your acts or omissions or asserted actions or omissions, you agree to indemnify FDAC, its owners, agents and employees against all claims and reimburse FDAC for all damages and legal fees incurred by FDAC, its owners, agents and employees because of your breach or claimed acts or omissions.

Submission of Articles for Direct Post
Prior to the direct posting of any article on this website, that article must be submitted to FDAC for approval. Submitted articles must be in Word format, and emailed to

FDAC will notify you of the acceptance, rejection, or revision requirement of the submitted work within 30 working days of receipt. If you have not heard from FDAC within 30 working days, you should assume the submitted work has not been accepted.

Rights to Articles Submitted for Direct Post
As the owner of the copyright to each accepted work, you irrevocably grant and assign to FDAC, in sole consideration of being permitted to have the work posted on the FDAC website, the following rights to each accepted work:
a. the non-exclusive right to reprint the accepted work in full, condensed or any other form in any publication;
b. the non-exclusive right to make the accepted work available for review and reproduction via any database or online service;
c. the non-exclusive right to publish, copy, display, distribute, perform and broadcast the accepted work, in whole or in part, in any electronic or digital media or software of any kind now existing or developed in the future;
d. the non-exclusive right to authorize reprints of the accepted work as it appeared on the FDAC website as we deem appropriate;
e. the non-exclusive right to edit, abridge and condense the submitted work, or in the cases of artwork or photographs, the right to modify (e.g. crop, enlarge, etc.) the accepted work for publication; and
f. the non-exclusive right to use all accepted works and your name, biography and likeness for the promotion and advertising of the FDAC website.

All of these rights may be exploited throughout the World by us and by third parties under license from us, in perpetuity (except as otherwise stated).