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The Family Dynamics Assistance Center is a Resource For Families in Crisis

The Family Dynamics Assistance Center was founded with the goal of bringing together top professional resources for families in crisis. All of the professionals listed at FDAC have met our criteria for service, competency and ability.

We believe moving forward with dignity is better for all parties. It is important that family relationships are preserved and not destroyed by an aggressive or contentious approach that, in the end, will prove costly, both financially and emotionally. Choose from a range of selected professionals for help resolving or otherwise managing a family crisis. Our goal is to help you and your family achieve a better outcome.

“We have brought together competent and caring professionals to assist families in crisis to get the help they need.”

Mediator Mark Baer

mark b. baer founder

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Mark B. Baer is best known as an empathetic, compassionate and intelligent deep thinker with a very strong grasp of the process tools available to mediators and insight into human behavior and psychology.  He strives to and is able to discover, and effectively deal with not only the obvious issues, but also those below the surface issues which often make the difference in conflict resolution.

Attorney Leonard S. Levy

leonard s. levy founder

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Attorney/ Mediator Leonard S. Levy has attained a professional reputation for getting results in cases that other lawyers believed were “unsettleable.” An accomplished and distinguished professional, he is a well respected mediator with both the legal community and disputants alike. Len’s successful approach to mediation is to achieve resolution by maximizing the interests of all parties in conflict.

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